About us

Family business with origins in the agricultural sector

About Vigorena

Vigorena is a solid value with over 30 years of experience in agriculture and livestock

Joris Nerinckx from Herne (BE) saw a calf hutch for the first time in the United States in 1989 and was immediately convinced of the added value of these hutches on a farm for both calf and farmer. He would also sell these calf huts ! So it happened and many a farmer shares our conviction.

Not much later, the Nerinckx family decided to design and produce the calf hutches themselves .

Meanwhile, son Alain runs this thriving business and the calf hutches have found their way throughout Europe .

Quality, reliability and durability, Vig-O-Comfort is built on these 3 pillars.

Did you know that vigor is Latin for strength and solidity? The calf hutches last up to 25 years, but often longer.

Farmers are still using our first sold cabins!

We are convinced of the quality of our calf hutches. That is why we give you a 10-year guarantee on proven manufacturing defects.