Double hutches

vig-o-comfort xxl calf pen for 2 or 3 calves

group cabin for 2 to 3 calves

Recent studies show that calving 0 to 3 weeks in confined group has following benefits :

– More social calves

– Tranquil calves

– Better food intake

– Higher growth curve

this up to the age of 6 to 8 weeks.

  • heat-resistant
  • robust
  • white opaque
  • proven service life of 30 years

Protection of the doorway from wind and rain

Metal lifting bracket for lifting the loft.

Can also be lifted together with the drive-in fencing.

Easy straw spreading from the back of the cabin.

Possible to open in hot weather.

Double foot underneath: no water seepage from below.

Expandable with a galvanized fencing with in the front three feeding openings.

The weaning bucket holder comes standard with the fencing. ( no additional charge).

Front fence can be easily opened.

A rainproof feeding box can be attached to the side.

Rolling fence can be lifted along with cabin to clean out cabin.