Single hutches

housing for newborn calves

Specifications of the Vig-O-Comfort single hutches

Guaranteed service life of decades

impact resistant

resistant to shock

In our production process we use the opaque white PE by micronizing white colored PE granulate. The pigment is therefore in the grain itself! (test ILVO-Melle)

Result : better coverage and warmth….??

Calf hutches are resistant to ultraviolet light.

  • Foldable cabin (clean with high-pressure cleaner)
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure cleaner.
  • resistant to all cleaning agents
  • No corners or edges = less chance of bacteria formation.
  • Smooth inside and outside: PE is not static so that dirt does not stick.
  • Lockable rear ventilation
  • Ridge ventilation
  • No ammonia formation in the vig-O-Comfort calf hutches. (link to test)

The awning reduces the risk of rain impact, so that there is less straw consumption and less direct draught.

Cabins are equipped with a galvanized L-profile, which makes the cabin even stronger when exposed to manure.

The double foot at the bottom ensures less water seepage.

Easy to spread hay from the back

Awning can remain open on hot days.

Advantages of calf rearing in the vig-o-comfort plus single calf hutches with a litter window

Expandable with

Vig-O-Comfort single cabins are available with: Closing door with teat bucket holder standard.

And transport hook on the roof.

Vig-O-Comfort single cabins are available with : 4-part tilting fencing on wheels.