Outside Rearing

Benefits of rearing calves outdoors in the vig-o-comfort calf hutches

The use of a calf hutch is guaranteed to be the most optimal way to raise calves in a healthy and profitable way.

• Creation of a microclimate

• Higher immunity => fewer germs and bacteria

• Higher weight curve

• lower vet costs


Very easy to clean with a high pressure washer.

The cabins are resistant to all cleaning agents.

Our cabins have no corners or edges, so there is less chance of bacteria forming.

They are made of polyethylene, which is not static, so that dirt sticks much less.


Lockable rear ventilation and roof ventilation for optimal air supply.

Tests by the ILVO (Flemish Institute for Agriculture) have shown that no ammonia formation occurs in the Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches.


The calf hutches are rotomoulded from white opaque* polyethylene.

White opacity creates a
shady temperature in the loft during hot days.


All our calf hutches, both the single hutches and the group hutches, are made of high-density polyethylene with a high impact strength and are molded in one piece.

A proven use of our cabins for 30 years!!

Double bottem

Each calf hutch is fitted with a double foot to prevent water from seeping in from below. As a result, less straw has to be used.


A PE grill can be placed in every calf hutch model.

Calves lie more comfortably and drier.


Always place the huts with the opening to the south or south-east.

Vig-O-Comfort single cabins have untold benefits.

Curious or buy??

After the calves have enjoyed the optimal environment of the single hutch , they continue their way to the group pens There they build up further immunity and train their social behavior. This leads to a better feed intake and certainly prevents a relapse when the calves move to the barn.