Group cabins

Vig-O-Comfort Plus group cabins

Specificaties van de vig-o-comfort group cabins

  • Guaranteed service life of decades.*
  • Impact resistant
  • Shock resistant

Color : White opaque polyethylene optimum
shade temperature (test ILVO-Melle)

Accordion Content
  • Smooth inside and outside (not static)
  • Foldable cabin (clean with high-pressure cleaner)
  • Lockable rear ventilation
  • Ridge ventilation
  • Lockable rear ventilation
  • Ridge ventilation

Hutches are equipped with a galvanized L-profile, which makes the hutches even stronger when exposed to manure.

accordeon content

Advantages of the plus group housing with litter window

  1. calves are more social
  2. calves are more competitive and thus have a higher feed intake , resulting in better growth.
  3. Labour-friendly : Cabin and fencing are picked up and moved together.
  4. Available with roll-in galvanized fencing and accessories